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Iliana and Ryan
We arrived at my favorite restaurant and I noticed how nervous he was. He was sweating profusely, and could not figure out why. After ordering some appetizers, he proposed and gave me this stunning ring. We still haven't figure out how or when to get married (weddings, even simple ones are expensive and we are financially is a rough spot). However, the promise that he made with this ring will last forever in my heart.
Heather and Nathan
Nathan and I met while playing co-ed touch football in NYC. Three years after we started dating Nate "surprised" me with this ring! Why the quotes? Well, at that time, I was the Fashion Editor at -- it was literally my job to ogle engagement rings (I know, right!?). So, when we started talking marriage, I knew what I wanted. Timeless Designs created my dream ring perfectly!
Allison & Keith
Keith and I met doing community theater in New Jersey. We followed our dreams and each other for seven years, knowing we were soul mates from the start, and now we're engaged! I can't wait to continue the journey of our lives together as husband and wife. My ring is a Timeless Designs beauty. It is everything I ever imagined and more, just like Keith. Cheers to love!
Jeremy & Kristin
We met through mutual Navy buddies. After we spent Kristin's birthday in Venice, I knew she was the one. After I found out the exact ring, I looked for about a week online but couldn't find anything. Then I found Timeless Designs. We celebrated New Year's in Greece. I got down on one knee...I started to say the words I had planned but forgot halfway and just went with how much I loved her.
Katie and Zack
Zack and I used to work together at a local grocery store in Maine. We have been dating for about 7 years and he surprised me with a GORGEOUS Timeless Designs ring on November 21st 2011. I am super excited to spend the rest of my life with him!!
Melissa & Sean
Sean and I were college sweethearts and were excited to get engaged and start our lives together. He bought my ring in New Hampshire, proposed in Philadelphia, and we were married in Chicago. We are living our happily ever after!
Jake & Ana
We both migrated to the US from Havana, Cuba in 1961. When we met in 1965, we discovered that we both left Cuba on the very same plane. We're been married for 42 wonderful years.
Dom & Anna
I met Dom at a large financial firm 13 years ago where we both worked. He claims that I asked him out but I do not remember that ever happening. I do remember how special he made me feel and how thankful I am that I took that job so that we could have met. We now have two children together and I still look down at my engagement ring thinking how beautiful it is.
Laura & Justin
We met through a mutual friend and it's been a true love story since then! We are a true testament to the old saying that "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" because we lived in different states for 2 years. Justin proposed on Kennesaw Mountain (where we went the first weekend we met in 2009) on August 13, 2011 with a ring that is absolutely stunning and perfect!
Julie & Aldo
We met on Halloween and I was dressed as Dorothy. Its been 13 years and he has made all of my dreams come true. There's no place like Home!!!!